This site is owned & maintained by Douglas Eli Short and Patricia Ann (Moleski) Short and is dedicated to the memories of those that came before us.

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The purpose of the site is to make contact with other researchers and family members with whom we share a common genealogical interest.

The focus is on our ancestors and their siblings. Most of the information presented relates to birth, marriage and death events. Other information such as burial place, military experience, education, etc. is purposely not presented. Contact us and we will be happy to share more. Specific source information is also purposely excluded, but is available on request.

Much of what is presented is based on evidence gathered through our research and the research of others.

Genealogy is not collecting facts but evaluating available evidence. As new evidence or interpretations come to light our conclusions will be reconsidered. Everything is subject to reevaluation and revision.

Do you have something that we should consider? We invite your comments and welcome the opportunity to share. If you have evidence, corrections, a different interpretation, a connection to explore or just want to chat then please contact us.

Douglas Eli Short and
Patricia Ann (Moleski) Short

Questions, comments, corrections and new information are welcome.

Last Revised: February 3, 2001