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Short Generation # 6

1. Fain Queeny Short; given name may have been Famquina; b. circa 1817 in Hopkins Co., Kentucky; m. Daniel Penrod 16 Aug 1836 in Franklin Co., Missouri, with Willam Long, Minister officiating; m. Thomas Standifer before Mar 184; m. Joseph Staton circa 1845, son of Thomas Staton and Bethania Bayze.

There are no known children of Fain Queeny Short and Daniel Penrod.

There are no known children of Fain Queeny Short and Thomas Standifer.

Joseph Staton was born on 26 May 1821 in Kentucky. He died between 1895 and 1896 in Butler Co., Missouri.

Children of Fain Queeny Short and Joseph Staton were as follows:

Short Generation # 5

3. James Woodson Staton; b. 25 Jul 1850 in Missouri; m. Eda Pearl Lawson 26 Aug 1869 in Randolph Co., Arkansas; he third marriage was to Sarah Grover circa 1874 in Grant Co., Arkansas.

Eda Pearl Lawson died after 1 Mar 1872 shortly after birth of James Hezekiah.

Children of James Woodson Staton and Eda Pearl Lawson were as follows:

There were no children of James Woodson Staton and Sarah Grover.

6. Hezekiah Staton; b. Sep 1854 in Illinois; m. Fanny Ellen Price 1875; d. 1923.

Fanny Ellen Price was born in Jan 1858. She died in 1929 in Yuby, Oklahoma.

Children of Hezekiah Staton and Fanny Ellen Price were as follows:

Short Generation # 4

7. John William Staton; b. 12 Jun 1870 in Grant Co., Arkansas; m. Lenora Victoria Steward 2 Apr 1889 in Santa Ana, Coleman Co., Texas; d. 9 Jan 1942 in Abilene, Texas, at age 71.

Lenora Victoria Steward was born on 28 Jan 1873 in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. She died on 22 Sep 1954 in Brownwood, Texas, at age 81.

Children of John William Staton and Lenora Victoria Steward were as follows:

8. James Hezekiah Staton; b. 1 Mar 1872; m. Cora Saye, daughter of Edwin R. Saye and Rebecca Short; d. 2 May 1946 at age 74.

Cora Saye was born circa 1872 in Texas.

Children of James Hezekiah Staton and Cora Saye were as follows:

9. Elizabeth Jane Staton; b. Sep 1877 in McKinny, Collin ?; m. John H. Donihoo; d. 1950.

Children of Elizabeth Jane Staton and John H. Donihoo were:

Short Generation # 3

16. Robert Roy Staton; b. 27 Jan 1890 in Santa Ana, Texas; m. Minnie Lucille May 1917; d. 21 Dec 1949 in San Angelo, Texas, at age 59.

Minnie Lucille May died on 11 Aug 1913.

Children of Robert Roy Staton and Minnie Lucille May were:

17. Steward Woodson Staton; b. 28 Feb 1892 in Rockwood, Texas; m. Eula Genora Shaw 11 Aug 1913 in Brownwood, Texas; d. 10 Aug 1932 in Houston, Texas, at age 40.

Eula Genora Shaw was born on 21 Apr 1894. She died on 6 Jan 1972 in Corvallis, Oregon, at age 77.

Children of Steward Woodson Staton and Eula Genora Shaw were as follows:

18. Harris Staton; b. 15 May 1894 in Whitewright, Texas; m. Margie Jessie Houchins 3 Nov 1925 in Comanche, Texas; d. 7 Nov 1970 in Brownwood, Texas, at age 76.

Margie Jessie Houchins was born on 4 Jun 1904 in Ft. Worth, Texas. She died on 22 Oct 1989 in Brownwood Regional Hospital at age 85.

Children of Harris Staton and Margie Jessie Houchins were as follows:

19. John Carey Staton; b. 2 Apr 1896 in Brownwood, Texas; m. Bess Farmer 15 Jun 1916 in Brownwood, Texas; m. Louise Biddle 15 Oct 1921 in Waltham, MA; d. 9 Jul 1981 at age 85.

Children of John Carey Staton and Bess Farmer were:

Louise Biddle was born on 5 Apr 1893 in West Dennis, MA. She died on 23 Jun 1980 in Los Angeles, CA, at age 87.

Children of John Carey Staton and Louise Biddle both b. in Boston, MA, were as follows:

21. William Anderson Staton; b. 25 Jan 1901 in Brownwood, Texas; m. Mary Rebecca Menefee 6 May 1922; d. 1 Jul 1974 in Brownwood, Texas, at age 73.

Mary Rebecca Menefee was born on 11 Sep 1903 in Haskell, Texas.

Children of William Anderson Staton and Mary Rebecca Menefee were as follows:

22. Flora Golda Staton; b. 13 Mar 1903 in Brownwood, Texas; m. Robert Edward Milam 3 Aug 1925 in Brownwood, Brown Co., Texas; d. 22 Jun 1994 in Portland, Oregon, at age 91.

Robert Edward Milam was born on 20 Mar 1903 in Florence, Williamson Co., Texas. He died on 12 Mar 1993 in Portland, Oregon, at age 89.

Children of Flora Golda Staton and Robert Edward Milam all b. in Brownwood, Brown Co., Texas, were as follows:

23. Tessie Oma Staton; b. 26 Oct 1906 in Brownwood, Texas; m. Milton Davis Shirley 29 Aug 1929; m. George McKay 4 May 1978; d. 22 Nov 2000 in Brownwood, Texas, at age 94.

Milton Davis Shirley was born on 1 Feb 1896 in Marblefalls, Texas. He died on 29 Jan 1975 in Brownwood, Texas, at age 78.

Children of Tessie Oma Staton and Milton Davis Shirley were as follows:

George McKay was born on 25 May 1890 in Longview, Texas. He died on 2 Aug 1980 at age 90.

There were no children of Tessie Oma Staton and George McKay.

24. Eda Sarah Jane Staton; b. 21 Apr 1911 in Brownwood, Texas; m. Jerald Jackson Taylor 29 Aug 1929 in Brownwood, Texas; d. 11 Nov 1995 in Mesa, Arizona, at age 84.

Jerald Jackson Taylor was born on 23 May 1907 in Sonora, Texas. He died on 31 Mar 1995 in Mesa, Arizona, at age 87.

Children of Eda Sarah Jane Staton and Jerald Jackson Taylor both b. in Phoenix, Arizona, were as follows:

25. Burleson Staton; b. 12 Jul 1894; m. Katherine Price; d. 14 Jan 1978 at age 83.

Children of Burleson Staton and Katherine Price were as follows:

29. Mary Elsie Staton; b. 11 Aug 1903; m. Samuel Richard Minnix; d. 7 Jul 2000 at age 96.

Samuel Richard Minnix was born on 2 Dec 1894.

Children of Mary Elsie Staton and Samuel Richard Minnix were as follows:

30. Walter H, Donihoo; b. Jun 1899 in McKinny, Collin ?; m. Lura Mae Dickson 1926 in Kiowa, Oklahoma; d. 26 Apr 1965 in Grayson Co. at age 65.

Lura Mae Dickson was born on 9 Apr 1906 in Greenville, Hunt Co., Texas. She died on 17 May 1983 in Texas City, Galveston Co., Texas, at age 77.

Children of Walter H, Donihoo and Lura Mae Dickson were:

Bibliography - Descendants of Fain Queeny Short

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