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Short Generation # 6

1. Thankful Short; b. circa 1802 in Mercer Co., Kentucky; m. John Lewis; d. after May 1880.

John Lewis was born circa 1780 in Tennessee.

Children of Thankful Short and John Lewis were as follows:

Short Generation # 5

4. Lydia Lewis; b. circa 1822 in Missouri; m. James Samuel Boyce, son of James Boyce; m. John O. Jarrett 1871 in Dent Co, Missouri; d. 17 Oct 1873.

James Samuel Boyce was born on 29 May 1820 in Ripley Co., Indiana.

Children of Lydia Lewis and James Samuel Boyce all b. in Missouri were as follows:

There were no children of Lydia Lewis and John O. Jarrett.

5. William Lewis; b. circa 1824; m. Mary Boyce, daughter of James Boyce, circa 1844.

Mary Boyce was born on 5 May 1825 in Indiana.

Children of William Lewis and Mary Boyce were as follows:

10. Henry Lewis; b. circa 1835 in Missouri; m. Lucinda Jane Welch 16 Mar 1859 in Dent Co., MIssouri.

Lucinda Jane Welch was born circa 1841 in Kentucky.

Children of Henry Lewis and Lucinda Jane Welch all b. in Missouri were as follows:

11. Thankful Lewis; b. circa 1836; m. Alexander Boyce, son of James Boyce, 11 Aug 1853 in Dent Co., MIssouri.

Alexander Boyce was born on 14 Oct 1828 in Indiana. He died circa 1864 in Arkansas in Civil War.

Children of Thankful Lewis and Alexander Boyce were as follows:

12. Jesse Lewis; b. circa 1838 in Missouri; m. Sarah Bugg 18 Jul 1867 in Dent Co., MIssouri.

Sarah Bugg was born circa 1851 in Kentucky.

Children of Jesse Lewis and Sarah Bugg were as follows:

Short Generation # 4

18. James A. Boyce; b. circa 1857 in Missouri; m. Ithenia Isabell Lawson; d. Apr 1957.

Ithenia Isabell Lawson was born on 9 Oct 1860 in Tennessee. She died on 15 Jul 1942 at age 81.

Children of James A. Boyce and Ithenia Isabell Lawson were as follows:

24. Trtogaba Emily Lewis; m. Samuel Green Hodges 7 Aug 1881 in Dent Co., Missouri, by Rev E. B. Huff.

Children of Trtogaba Emily Lewis and Samuel Green Hodges were:

35. Alvin Josiah Lewis; b. 11 Jan 1873 in Missouri; m. Ada Boyce, daughter of James A. Boyce and Ithenia Isabell Lawson, circa 1899; m. Katherine East 14 Mar 1915; d. 30 Oct 1924 at age 51; d. 30 Oct 1929 at age 56 of typhoid.

Ada Boyce was born on 12 Aug 1883. She died on 18 Apr 1913 at age 29.

Children of Alvin Josiah Lewis and Ada Boyce were as follows:

Katherine East married Eddie Welch circa 1933 in Rolla, Phelps Co., Missouri.

Children of Alvin Josiah Lewis and Katherine East were as follows:

Short Generation # 3

40. Ada Boyce; b. 12 Aug 1883; m. Alvin Josiah Lewis, son of Jesse Lewis and Sarah Bugg, circa 1899; d. 18 Apr 1913 at age 29.

Alvin Josiah Lewis was born on 11 Jan 1873 in Missouri. He married Katherine East on 14 Mar 1915. He died on 30 Oct 1924 at age 51. He died on 30 Oct 1929 at age 56.

Children of Ada Boyce and Alvin Josiah Lewis were as follows:

44. Myrna Ianthia Lewis; b. 1900; m. Willie Lee Jones; d. circa 1974.

Children of Myrna Ianthia Lewis and Willie Lee Jones were as follows:

46. Vera Arnie Lewis; b. 1903; m. Jack Farris; d. in 1962.

Children of Vera Arnie Lewis and Jack Farris were as follows:

47. Arley Clark Lewis; b. 1917; m. Cecile Petterson.

Children of Arley Clark Lewis and Cecile Petterson were as follows:

Bibliography - Descendants of Thankful Short

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