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"Molecular Imaging of Neuroinflammation in Neurodegenerative Disease "
Molecular Imaging Insight, June 2012

"PET/MR: In Search of the Killer App"
Molecular Imaging Insight, Dec 2011

"Telemedicine: Now It's A Must"
Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine, Dec 2011

We already know honey has no fat or cholesterol, provides quick energy, and can be stored indefinitely without refrigeration. Now, new research provides two more reasons to hug your beekeeper. (Read more.)
Patients may still find imaging modalities at the end of locator lines painted on hospital corridor walls, but the reading radiologists themselves are now often found across town or even on the other side of the world. It is not unusual for the midnight scans of a car accident victim in Minnesota to be read within three minutes by a radiologist in Bangalore, India. (Read more.)
Arming police with AED units gets to the heart of cardiac arrest survival. (Read more.)
In terms of medical care, teleradiology is the new Army mule. (Read more.)
Since Sept 11, disaster recovery means more than preparing for flood,
fire, and employee infractions. (Read more.)
Sports medicine experts contend that dietary supplement use among football players may be a factor in the recent surge of heat stroke deaths among football players. (Read more.)
CPOE systems offer new prescription for patient safety. (Read more.)
The chronic shortage of emergency nurses has inspired the clever idea of staffing crowded hospital emergency departments with paramedics. Not everyone likes the cure. (Read more.)
 One study recommends securing both the head and the trunk during EMS transport of patients with unstable spine, while another questions the necessity of immobilization itself. (Read more.)
While the Olympic flame blazes brightly over the 2000 Summer Olympics at Sydney this month, the burning issue of drugs and athletes never goes out. (Read more.)
How Branded-Drug Manufacturers Stiffle Generic Competition. (Read more.)
The gift of life surging through an umbilical cord reaches far beyond mother and baby. In a medical development even physicians call "phenomenal", blood from a newborn's umbilical cord and placenta has been found to be a rich source of life-giving stem cells - providing new hope for thousands of desperately ill people requiring bone marrow transplants unable to find suitable donors.Read more.)
Urban legends are the crab grass in the lawn of medicine. They're impossible to stamp out, can be found growing everywhere, often even in emergency departments. (Read more.)
High stress, aggravated by erratic shift scheduling and sleep deprivation, is the major cause of the high burnout rate among EPs. (Read more.)
An unlikely digital courtship is developing between the far-sighted and the near-sighted. Researchers are attempting to unite astronomical image processing techniques with digital mammography in an effort designed to help physicians get a closer look at digital mammograms. (Read more.)