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Welcome to my “oh-so-basic” web page for downloadable scanning files!  All of these files utilize “FREEware” --- software that has been created and donated to the public by some very kind people!  Blue text indicates either a “goto” link or a link to download a file.


****If you need explanations about the files found in the “Data Files” sections and how to use them, first go to the explanations page for lots of helpful information and links!!!!***


Here is an outline for the items found on this website (click on the blue links to go directly to that webpage or specific location within a webpage):


             I.      Explanations, Instructions, Help and Links (start here if this is your first visit!)

A.   “245XLT Backup Utility” and “245XLT Data Files” Explained (the upload/downloading software)

                                                           1.      A More Complete Set of Directions for This Software

B.    Senss Computer Control Software Files Explained

C.   Helpful Online Groups

D.   Documentation, Frequency Plans, Cheat-sheets, etc., Explained (The Adobe PDF Files)

          II.      Other Recommended Items

A.   Help for Total 245XLT “Newbies”!!!

                                                           1.      Website That Helps Total “Newbies”

                                                           2.      The 245xlt FAQ, Operating Tips, etc.

                                                           3.      How to Signup for the 245xlt Discussion List and Archives

                                                           4.      Link to the On-line Copy of the 245xlt Manual (Downloadable)

B.    Keypad “Tricks”

                                                           1.      Determining the Software/firmware Version of Your Scanner

                                                           2.      Resetting Your Scanner (totally wiping out your scanner’s memory)

C.   “Scanner Recorder” Software – Record your scanner’s audio to your computer even while you are away from your scanner!

D.   ID Tracker Software

E.    245XLT Scanner Case Modification/Improvement

F.    Audio Modifications

                                                           1.      Increased Output for Headphone Usage

                                                           2.      Audio “Quality” Modification

G.   Documentation for the 245xlt’s Remote Control Protocol (write your own program!)

H.   Links to other Modification Instructions


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