The Gospel of Ferris motivates this website, which is dedicated to the optimistic 1980`s Teenage and Twenty-something Movies and pop culture of this Golden Age. He personifies the upbeat attitude of that earlier, innocent era in which almost anything seemed possible. That optimism has slipped away from us in recent years...

After a decade of grunge culture, cynicism, slacker philosophy and heroin chic, we need His guidance more than ever to overcome the nihilism of bored hipsters and ironic poseurs.

Open your heart to Ferris and click on these features Your Modest Pagemaster (YMP) has humbly provided:

Life moves pretty fast. If you don`t stop and take a look once in a while, you could miss it - Ferris

  • The World of Fun-Filled Teen and Twenties Movies (FFTTM`s): how they both reflected and influenced Young People`s culture, fashion and attitudes over the years

  • Index of Teen and Twenties Movies-over 140 films featuring young people living La Vida Ferris with stars, writers, directors and trivia for each

  • Trivia, Links and Stuff-amusing factoids, best/worst lists, stars, movie quotes and links to cool Ferris-inspired sites

  • Since publishing this page on August 14, 2000, Your Modest Pagemaster is pleased to announce that this many people have sought the Wisdom of Ferris:

    Many more shall hear the message...when they are ready!

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