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Train Trips, Railroad Infrastructure and Traffic Data
These pages provide both current and historical route descriptions, infrastructure descriptions and data for places along those routes, and traffic descriptions and data for those routes. For access purposes, the routes have been divided into those within Regions having a complex network of lines, both local and those which provide segments of Trunk Routes, and those which form part of the trunk routes carrying traffic from one part of the North American Continent to another. Where a route segment falls into both categories, the descriptions in the Trunk Routes category are usually at a lower level of detail than those in the Regions category.


Trunk Routes

Amtrak's Long Distance Routes

Amtrak's Corridors

Via Rail Canada Routes



The descriptions and data included here have been created and gathered as part of my travels around the North American continent, both to NRHS Conventions and on other train trips, because I wanted to know more about the railroads and the routes over which they operated and the traffic that they carried than is typically the concern of a locomotive-oriented rail enthusiast. In short, I wanted to know more about the various transportation businesses that the railroad have been in, over the years, and the infrastructure and facilities, beyond just the trains, that are or have been required to carry the various types of traffic that are or have been carried over the years.
It is my hope that others will join me in this endeavor, and that the result will grow into a complete database, not just a set of web pages.

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