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Descriptions of routes, infrastructure and traffic for named Trunk Routes

Trunk Routes are the major railroad arteries that carry, or carried, traffic across the continent. Some Trunk Routes have well known colloquial names, while others are best known by either the name of a flagship passenger train that runs or once ran on that route, or by the name of a (former) railroad operating all or a substantial part of that route.
The links below lead to route descriptions for the various segments making up the Trunk Route named in the link.

Western Routes

BNSF I-5 Corridor

BNSF Central Coal Route

BNSF Northern Coal Route

BNSF Northern Transcon

BNSF Southern/Texas Coal Route

CN Transcon

CP Transcon

Great Northern Transcon

Milwaukee Road Hiawatha Routes

Montana Rail Link

Northern Pacific Transcon and Coal Route

Oregon Short Line and OWRN

Original California Zephyr Route

Overland Route

Salt Lake Route

Santa Fe Transcon

Sunset Route

Tennessee Pass Route

UP (ex-SP) Coast Line

UP (ex-SP) I-5 Corridor

UP Wyoming-St. Louis Coal Route

Central and Mid-Western Routes

Alton Route

Chicago & Eastern Illinois

Illinois Central (Main Line & Chicago Branch)

Grand Trunk (Western)

Michigan Central

Milwaukee Road Hiawatha Routes

MoPac Texas Eagle Route

Santa Fe Texas Chief Route

Texas and Pacific Route

Eastern and Southern Routes

ACL Florida Route

Boston & Albany

Broadway Route (and St. Louis offshoot)

Capitol Limited Route (B&O)

Clinchfield Route

George Washington Route (C&O)

Lackawanna (DL&W)

National Limited Route (B&O)

Nickel Plate

Northeast Corridor (North)

Northeast Corridor (South)

Pan American Route (L&N)

Pocahontas Route (N&W)

Royal Palm Route

SAL Florida Route

Southern Main Line

Water-Level Route (and St. Louis offshoot)


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