Texarkana to Hope

From the passenger station at Texarkana (MP 490.3) on the Texas-Arkansas border, where the speed limit is 30 mph (10 mph in the station trackage), the depot is on the north side of the line and the Texarkana yard is on the south side of the line, the 2MT, CTC, line continues northeast, past the end of the yard at North Texarkana (MP 488.7), where the speed limit rises to 60 mph, Belt Junction, where a connector from the erstwhile Cotton Belt trails in, a spur on the southeast side to GE Capital Railcar, Mandeville, where the speed limit is 65-60, Paup, where it is 75-60, Clear Lake Junction (MP 480.4), where the 2MT reduce to single track, CTC, and the speed limit is 40 mph before rising to 75-60 again, the 8,878 ft. siding at Holman (MP 479.1-477.3), a detector at MP 475.5, the bridge over the Red River, the 9,476 ft. siding at Fulton (MP 471.3-469.4), within which the speed limit is 70-60 before reverting to 75-60, where the line turns east, Sheppard, where the line turns east northeast, the 5,747 ft. siding on the south side of the line at Hope (MP 459.3-458.1), where the speed limit drops to 30 mph for the flat crossing with the Kiamichi Railroad, and the 10,499 ft. siding on the north side of the line from MP 458.1 past the KRR crossing at MP 457.9 and the wye with a UP branch to the north (reaching the KCS at Nashville), to MP 456.0, where the speed limit is again 75-60.