North Little Rock to Bald Knob

The entry-exit track to/from the yard trails in from the North Little Rock Yard on the west side at One Lead (MP 340.5), and the end of the yard is reached at the crossovers at North End Yard (MP 339.3).  The 2MT, CTC, line continues northeast, with the speed limit rising to 75-60 at MP 339.1, past additional track at Valentine (MP 336.1), a 60 mph speed limit from MP 333.5 to 333.2, Jacksonville (MP 333.0), where the Jacksonville Industrial Lead from Little Rock AFB trails in from the north, crossovers at Jax (MP 330.8), detectors at MP 329.2, Holland, Cabot, Austin, a 65-60 speed limit between MP 323.6 and 322.4, crossovers at Wacross (MP 319.3), additional tack at Ward (MP 317.6), detectors at MP 317.2, additional track at Beebe (MP 312.7) and at McRae (MP 308.2), crossovers at Mack (MP 306.5), Garner, detectors at MP 304.0, Higginson, where a Rock Island line once made a flat crossing, crossovers at Hig (MP 298.4), and Kensett (MP 296.4), where two short lines head northwest and north and a line once left to the southeast.

The speed limit falls to 70-60 from MP 294.6 to 294.1, past Judsonia, and to 55 mph at MP 293.1, rising to 60 mph  from MP 292.7 to 292.1, there are crossovers at Jud (MP 289.7) and a 14,741 ft. siding on the east side from the latter, past the wye junctions at MP 288.5 (with speed limit of 40 mph from MP 288.6 to 288.1) and MP 287.9 (both at Bald Knob) with the line east to Memphis used by both UP and BNSF,  to the end of 2MT at Russell Junction (MP 286.7).