Orange to Lake Charles and Iowa Junction

From Orange Siding (MP 257.9-256.1), where the speed limit is 35 mph, with two grade crossings, an old depot on the south side, and two more grade crossings within the siding, the single-track, CTC line turns due north, as a spur goes off southeast towards the Port of Orange, passes a detector at MP 256.1, two grade crossings, a bridge over drainage, two grade crossings, a dual road bridge overhead, and a road alongside to the east, and enters the south (west) end of Echo (MP 253.3-251-1), where the speed limit is 70-60, there is a 10,000 ft. siding on the south side of the line and a 10,800 ft. siding on the north side of the line, with a grade crossing and a bridge over a stream within the sidings, and the line turns due east within the sidings, with a grade crossing at the east end.

A spur heads north to the Inland Container Plant, and one heads south to an abandoned cement plant on the south side, there is a grade crossing, the line bridges (on a through truss bridge, MP 250 at the east end of the bridge) over the Sabine River from Texas into Louisiana and turns east-northeast, past three or four grade crossings, a large grain elevator on the south side, a holdout signal at Toomey (MP 246.6), a detector at MP 242.1, and Vinton, turns east at Edgerly, and passes Stignall, the 10,500 ft. siding at Brimstone (MP 232.0-229.8), Sulphur, a detector at MP 228.1, and the 10,500 ft. siding at Lockmoor (MP 225.2-223.0). In Louisiana, the line is into low-lying grass and croplands, interspersed with wide slow-moving waterways. The crops here are different from those further west, including fields of cotton and fields of hot peppers, used in famous hot pepper sauces such as Tabasco.

In the Lake Charles area, a Kansas City Southern line approaches from the north-northwest, and once had a connector that crossed on the flat at the west end of town as well as today's line that turns east paralleling the Sunset Route on the north side. The speed limit on the latter falls to 25 mph, there are flat crossings with KCS lines at MP 222.8 and MP 221.2, and the Holnam Industrial heads off to the south, alongside Lake Charles (the body of water) itself, to the Ideal Cement plant. The speed limit rises to 40 mph, the line crosses over the Calcasieu River on a drawbridge at MP 220.9, with the US 90 major bridge just to the south, a line to the KCS station once crossed on the flat, there are several bridges over drainage, a passenger station at Lake Charles (MP 218.6), with the depot and platform with shelters on the south side of the line, there is a grade crossing at Ryer Street (MP 217.86, a grade crossing, a road bridge overhead, a grade crossing, a road bridge overhead, dual highway bridges overhead, a wye connection with a spur on the north side of the line, a highway bridge overhead, a bridge over drainage, a bridge over a river, triple highway bridges overhead, a grade crossing, a connector to the ex-MP line goes off to the south, the Lake Charles Yard lies along the north side of the tracks, the speed limit rises to 70-60, CP 215, and a line departs to the southeast at Mallard Junction (MP 215.4).

The Sunset Route continues due east, past a grade crossing, Chloe, a detector at MP 210.0, and the 9,138 ft. siding on the south side at Iowa (MP 208.9-207.0), two bridges over streams within the siding, and two grade crossings, to Iowa Junction (MP 205.5), where a UP line leaves to the north-northeast to head for Alexandria, and ownership of the Sunset Route, continuing due east, has transferred to BNSF as a result of the UP-SP merger.