Haggin to Binney Junction

In 2001 and later, Amtrak's Coast Starlight takes the former WP route to Binney Junction, instead of the line through Roseville. This is a single-track CTC-controlled line with sidings at irregular spacings. Since the conclusion of engineering works following the SP-UP merger, this line is used mostly by Amtrak and BNSF trackage-rights trains, almost all UP trains making a stop at Roseville. The line runs north-south throughout this area.

The connector from the ex-SP at Haggin is at MP 139.8. The line crosses the American River on a through truss bridge. There is a road bridge overhead, followed by a grade crossing. At Globe, MP 140.7, where there was once a crossing with the Sacramento Northern (west of the line south of here, east of it north of here), the speed limit increases from 25 mph to 70 mph. There is another road bridge overhead, followed by the I-80 overpass. There is a 6,234 ft. siding at Del Paso (MP 142.9-144.2), a spur at Bombay (MP 146.6) and a detector at MP 148.0. A new road bridge overhead is being built in 2005 to replace a current grade crossing. At Sankey (MP 152.6), the SN line crossed back over the ex-WP line, there is railroad equipment on the old SN, west of the UP line, rice paddies border the line on both side, there is a grade crossing and another grade crossing at the south end of the 6,337 ft. siding at Pleasant Grove (MP 155.9-157.2).

There are two farm road crossings, a detector at MP 161.1, a grade crossing, and a location called Trowbridge at MP 162.0 followed by another grade crossing. The rice paddies give way to orchards. Highway 99 runs alongside to the west, and there are two grade crossings, one at the south end of the 7,920 ft. siding at Mounkes (MP 172.1-173.6). There is another grade crossing at the north end of the siding, and another further north, and the line curves northwest. The Pearson Industrial Lead connects in from the west at Cleveland (MP 175.6). Highway 99 passes underneath a railroad bridge on the line, another road passes underneath the line, and the line crosses the Yuba River on a bridge with Highway 99 paralleling it to the east. The Yuba City Industrial Lead (a former Sacramento Northern line to Colusa that now ends at Sutter) heads west at the south end of Marysville, which has a 5,082 ft. siding (MP 178.4-179.4) and the former depot on the east side. A road bridge passes overhead, and then two streets pass below on separate underbridges, after which the main line curves northeast to cross the ex-SP East Valley Line at Binney Junction (MP 180.2), which in the 2000s provides connectors from north-to-south on both side, permitting travel from Haggin to Tehama and from Roseville to Oroville, as well as directly along both main lines.