Burlington to Galesburg (Cameron)

The concrete Burlington (MP 205.4) passenger depot is on the west side of the line with two platforms with concrete umbrella sheds, to the west of the westernmost track, and between the tracks, and a stub south-facing track on the west side of the western platform, south of the depot, as well as 6-8 yard or staging tracks on the east side of the line, 2MT, CTC, and speed limit 12-8 mph, followed by the "South Street" sign at MP 205.0, and a dirt road grade crossing, as the line turns east. At Mississippi Bridge, the Burlington line to Fort Madison and St. Louis curves away south on the west bank of the river, and the main line crosses the Mississippi River into Illinois on a multi-span through truss bridge, with a swing span at the west end, turning north at Carthage Junction (MP 204.8), where there is a signal bridge overhead, a CB&Q line once turned south (the formation is still there), and the speed limit rises to 40-20, past a road bridge overhead, and then northeast, past a bridge over a dirt road and Intermediate Signals, and east-northeast, with speed limit rising to 60-50 at MP 204.0, and to 79-60 at MP 203.0, past Connett (MP 202.4), where DT, ABS, replaces the 2MT, CTC, again, a grade crossing, Intermediate Signals, detectors at MP 196.8, Bass Lake, Lone Tree, and two grade crossings in Gladstone, to the crossovers at Gladstone (MP 196.1), where there are rail-served grain silos on the north side and a CB&Q line once headed north.

The main line turns east, past a spindly road bridge overhead, right at detectors at MP 194.5, detectors at MP 193.3, Intermediate Signals, Biggsville, a dirt road grade crossing, a road bridge overhead, a spindly road bridge overhead, a spur on the south side, and a bridge over a stream, and turns northeast past a dirt track grade crossing, a bridge over a road, Intermediate Signals, a grade crossing, Intermediate Signals, two grade crossings, the crossovers at Kirkwood (MP 185.0), a dirt road grade crossing, Intermediate Signals, a dirt track grade crossing, dual road bridges overhead, a grade crossing, a spur trailing in on the south side, a grade crossing, southeast at the two sets of crossovers at Monmouth (MP 179.0), where CB&Q lines once ran south and northeast and C&NW north-northwest and southeast, crossing at grade, three grade crossings, a dirt road grade crossing, a road alongside to the south, a detector at MP 175.6, a dirt track grade crossing, a spur from silos on the south side trailing in, and east under the Santa Fe's through girder bridge, a grade crossing, the wye on the north side of the line for the connections with the former Santa Fe at Cameron (MP 170.5), and a grade crossing within the wye east of the Cameron sign.