Ashland to Omaha

At Ashland (MP 47.0 on this line), where a line once trailed in from the northwest, and the main line splits three ways: north along the Platte River to Fremont, northeast  to Omaha (the passenger route), and southeast, along the Platte River, to Oreapolis and Pacific Junction (the main coal and freight route). The Omaha line crosses the Platte River as single-track, CTC, as the speed limit rises from 50-40 to 60-50, passing the 5,475 ft siding at Melia (MP 41.3), Gretna (MP 37.7), and he 5,300 ft. siding at Chalco (MP 31.4), where the line turns east as a branch trails in from the west, bridges over a UP line near Portal, turns northeast again past Ralston (MP 24.4), where the line turns east and the speed limit falls to 55-50, turns southeast and then northeast to the 7,323 ft. siding at South Omaha (MP 20.4), where the speed limit falls to 50-40, where there is a wye with a UP line headed south to Oreapolis, bridges over a connector from the UP line west, to that UP line south and then over a connector from the UP line east to that UP line south, and comes alongside the east side of that UP line east, which is heading north-northeast at this point.

 The lines turn northeast together, past the CB&Q's 5,661 ft. Long Siding (MP 17.9), where the speed limit drops to 20 mph, and then east together to the CB&Q passenger station at Omaha (MP 16.6), where the speed limit is 10 mph.