Rahway to Trenton

From the crossovers at Union (MP 19.7), where the North Jersey Coast Line turns away south-southeast with two separate duck-under tracks and a wye on the east side of the main line, the NEC continues south-southeast, past MP 20, where the maximum speeds drop back to 110 mph and freight speeds drop to 25 mph, Colonia, crossovers at Iselin (MP 22.8), a passenger station at Metropark (MP 23.2), which has platforms on all four tracks, crossovers at Menlo (MP 23.7), an erstwhile former LV line once passing underneath, a passenger station at Metuchen (MP 25.8), multiple crossovers at Lincoln (MP 26.0), where a wye on the east side leads to a Ford car plant and the Conrail (shared assets) Metuchen Yard to the south, and freight speeds rise to 35 mph, and crossovers at Edison (MP 28.1), where maximum passenger speeds revert to 125 mph and freight speeds drop to 30 mph, passenger stations at Edison Station (MP 28.9), followed by a bridge over the Raritan River, and at New Brunswick (MP 31.4), multiple crossovers at County (MP 32.8), where there is a spur on the west side to Millstone, passenger speeds on the outer tracks rise to 110 mph, and freight speeds rise to 45 mph,  the Jersey Avenue passenger station (MP 33.1), Adams, Deans, multiple crossovers at Midway (Monmouth Junction, MP 41.3), where the Amboy Secondary trails in from the east and a branch to Rocky Hill once headed west, a passenger station at Princeton Junction (MP 47.1), where a branch heads northwest to Princeton, a passenger station at Hamilton (MP 53.3), MP 54, where passenger speeds fall to 110 mph on the inner tracks and 80 mph on the outer tracks, and freight speeds fall to 30 mph, multiple crossovers at Ham (MP 55.7), where extra tracks on both sides start, and at Fair (MP 56.4), where the Bordentown Secondary Track leaves to the west, and Trenton passenger station (MP 56.7), where NJT service ends, as do those extra tracks.