Hunter to Rahway

From Hunter (MP 10.5), where the NJT line departs to the southwest (a connection to the former Lehigh Valley), there is a passenger station for Newark Airport, and a line trailing in from the east side, passing under the easternmost line, carries the former Lehigh Valley freight line from Oak Island Yard, with a connector on the north side dropping down under the bridge along the west side of the NEC, the four (actually five, for a stretch) track line heads south-southwest, with speed of 110-25 on the inner tracks, and 90-25 on the outer tracks, past crossovers at Lane (MP 12.3), where the freight line from Oak Island Yard trails in from the east side and (as a direct corollary) the fifth track ends, passenger stations at North Elizabeth (MP 13.0) and Elizabeth (MP 14.1), where the line jogs south, bridging over a former Jersey Central line, before resuming south-southeast, crossovers at Elmora (MP 14.7), where extra tracks start on each side, the highest passenger speeds rise to 125 mph, and freight speeds rise to 35 mph, South Elizabeth, a former bridge carrying the Staten Island Railway, passenger stations at Linden (MP 17.3), where the Stiles Street Yard is on the east side, North Rahway (MP 18.8), where there is a bridge over a river, and Rahway (MP 19.5), and crossovers at Union (MP 19.7), where the North Jersey Coast Line turns away south-southeast with two separate duck-under tracks and a wye on the east side of the main line, and those extra tracks end.