Staples to Coon Creek

At Staples where there are two sets of crossovers (MP 148.0 and 140.2), there is a passenger station, the ex-NP Duluth line continues straight ahead while the main line turns southeast, and 2MT, CTC begins. At MP 139.7, the speed limit rises to 79-50, at Philbrook (MP134.0), the 2MT reduce to single track, and at MP 128.4, the speed limit falls to 75-50. There is an 11,878 ft. siding at Lincoln (MP 127.8), Cushing, an 11,813 ft. siding at Randall (MP 116.5), and an 11,618 ft. siding at Darling (MP 110.8). The line turns south, where a spur heads east to the stub of a line to Camp Ripley and an NP branch from the west once trailed in, past the 10,725 ft. siding at Little Falls (MP 106.0), and crosses the Mississippi River past Gregory (MP 103.3), where the line expands to Double Track and becomes TWC, ABS and heads south-southeast, past a location where a Soo line once bridged overhead, Royalton, and crossovers at Rice (MP 88.7), turns south past Watab, where it is running on the east bank of the river, south-southwest to the crossovers at Sartell (MP 78.4), where there is also a 7,207 ft. siding on the east side, and southeast past Sauk Rapids into St. Cloud (MP 73.9), where there are two sets of crossovers, an ex-GN line crosses on the flat with connectors in the northwest and southwest quadrants, there is a passenger station south of the crossing, and DT, ABS, becomes 2MT, CTC.

The line continues southeast past Cable, Clear Lake (MP 62.7), where it jogs east-southeast before resuming southeast, Salida, a spur south to the Xcel Energy Sherburne County Power Plant, Becker (MP 57.5), where 2MT reduce to single track and there is a 9,150 ft. siding, a turn east past Big Lake (MP 47.0), where DT, TWC, ABS replaces the single track, CTC, and Bailey, and southeast past crossovers at Elk River (MP 38.6), where the Mississippi is immediately adjacent on the southwest side, again, MP 37.3, where the speed limit rises to 79-50, Dayton, MP 28.2, where the speed limit falls to 75-50, crossovers at Anoka (MP 26.8), and Coon Creek (MP 21.1), which has two sets of crossovers as the line turns south and the ex-GN Duluth line trails in from the north.