Watertown to Milwaukee

Watertown (MP 131.2), where the speed limit is generally 50-40 through the area, there is a CP line trailing in from Waterloo to the west, a flat crossing with a UP (ex-C&NW) north-south line (speed limit 40 mph), crossovers, a yard, and a passenger station. The line heads east-southeast, DT, TWC, ABS, speed limit 70-60-50, past Ixonia (MP 124.8), crossovers at MP 123.5, speed limit 60-40 between MP 119.0 and 118.0, crossovers at Oconomowouc (MP 117.9), Gifford, where the line turns due east, Okauchee, Nashotah, Nagawicka, speed limit 75-60-50 between MP 112.0 and 111.4, crossovers at Hartland (MP 110.1), speed limit 65-60-50 between MP 109.5 and 109.2, detectors at MP 108.2, Lakeside (where there is a lake to the south of the line), speed limit 50-40 between MP 107.0 and 105.0, crossovers at Pewaukee (MP 105.0), speed limit 55-50 between MP 105.0 and 102.3, a flat crossing, with connectors in the northeast and southeast quadrants, with CN (ex-WC) at Duplainville (MP 102.2), speed limit 65-60-50 starting at MP 97.3, Brook Field, a turn southeast, and crossovers at Elm Grove (MP 95.1), where the passenger line turns northeast while the freight line continues southeast.

The passenger line passes Homewood, a speed limit 60-50 from MP 93.9 to 90.8, passing under a UP (ex-C&NW) line ti Butler Yard, turning north-northeast, southeast, and then east in that span, crossing a river into Wauwatosa (MP 90.6). The speed limit falls to 35 mph at Harwood Avenue and the line crosses the river again as it turns south into Grand Avenue (MP 88.2), where a freight track trails in from the northeast, the speed limit rises to 40 mph, line control changes to ABS only, and there is a short section of single track. The line crosses the river yet again, and turns east to Cut-Off (MP 87.1), with the CP Milwaukee Shops on the south side of the line. A line into the  various Milwaukee area yards (Davies Yard, Muskego Yard, Airline Yard) continues east while the passenger line turns east-northeast and then east again, past a location where the North Shore Line once bridged overhead, to the Milwaukee station (MP 85.7), where the depot is to the north of the tracks, refurbished in 2007 as a multi-modal depot serving Greyhound as well as Amtrak, is to the north of the tracks, which pass through an overall roof, four tracks wide, two of which are platform tracks on the north side of the main line tracks.

The freight line curves east as it passes beneath the ex-C&NW line to Butler Yard, and passes Greenfield Junction, where there as once a flat crossing with The Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Company (TMERL), West Allis, where a spur heads south to the Allis-Chalmers plant, Soldiers Home, an industrial track trails in from the south, Airline Yard, Muskego Yard, where a connector from Cut-Off trails in from the northwest, a location where the North Shore Line once bridged overhead, and another former flat crossing with TMERL, to reach Florida Street, where it turns south and trails into the main line to Chicago.