Portage to Watertown

Portage (MP 178.2), where the speed limit is 40-25, has a platform and shelter on the south side of the tracks, but the depot is occupied by CP and is unavailable to Amtrak passengers. There is a freight yard across the tracks from the station, and a small storage yard just west of the station on the south side. On the east side of town, a line to Stevens Point once headed north, and another line to Horicon once headed east. The main line, now Double Track, TWC ABS, speed limit 70-60-50, turns south-southeast  to Portage Junction, where a line to Madison heads away south, and Pacific, where the main line turns east-southeast past Wyocena (MP 169.2), south to Rio, with speed limit 65-60-50 from MP 167.0-166.0 and from MP 163.9-163.5, and then east-southeast past crossovers at East Rio (MP 162.1), detectors at MP 159.9, and Doylestown, southeast past West Dodge, a speed limit of 65-60-50 between MP 154.7 and 154.4, and crossovers at Fall River (MP 153.6), and east at Columbus (MP 150.0).

 The line turns southeast at Astico, east to crossovers at Reeseville (MP 140.8), where the speed limit is 65-60-50 for 0.4 miles, and south-southeast past detectors at MP 137.3, Richwood and Voltz to Watertown (MP 131.2), where the speed limit is generally 50-40 through the area, there is a CP line trailing in from Waterloo to the west, a flat crossing with a UP (ex-C&NW) north-south line (speed limit 40 mph), crossovers, a yard, and a passenger station.