Orleans Junction to Hammond

From Orleans Junction (MP 900.8), where the speed limit is 25 mph, a KCS line heads west-southwest and provides access to the south end of the IC line running along the east bank of the Mississippi to Remy, where there is a large grain transshipment facility for loading ships for export, and Geismar yard, focal point for chemical plant switching operations, and the main line continues northwest, past Martin Junction (MP 900.5), where the west leg of a wye from that KCS (and thus that IC) line trails in from the south and the speed limit rises to 60-40 again, past Skip (MP 898.6), where the line reduces to single track (with speed limit 40 mph on the turnout), CTC, and the speed limit rises to 79-60, La Branch, where the speed limit is 60-50 on the spillway bridge, and a detector at MP 889.94, and then turns gradually towards the north, running alongside the southwestern corner of Lake Pontchartrain, with parts of the lake crossed on operable bridges, past the 10,835 ft. siding on the west side at Frenier (MP 887.6), speed limit 50 mph on street crossings), where it is heading due north, and Ruddock, where it leaves the lake headed north-northeast, running through low-lying countryside crossed by numerous bayous, and then turns north again, across the outlet from Lake Maurepas, to the west, past the 9,845 ft. siding on the east side at Manchac (MP 874.5), where the speed limit is 40-25 on the movable bridge, North Pass, Strader, a detector at MP 869, Sharkey, Ponchatoula (MP 863.9, head end speed limit 35 mph on the street crossings), and Hammond (MP 859.0, speed limit 20 mph on the street crossings), where there  is an Amtrak station, a line heads west to Baton Rouge and the north end of that line via Geissmar, and a Yazoo and Mississippi Valley line once headed east.