Gilman to Richton

At Gilman (MP 81.1), ICís line from St. Louis trails in from the southwest, and the main line continues past Danforth, the 11,025 ft. siding on the west side at Ashkum (MP 73.1), Clifton (MP 69.1), a detector at MP 68.7, Chebanse (MP 64.3), South Otto (MP 61.6), a 13,224 ft. siding on the west side at Otto (MP 60.3), where a branch to Herscher trails in from the west, a crossover in the middle of the siding, Gar Creek (MP 57.5), where the siding ends, the bridge over the Kankakee River, where a speed limit of 50-30 starts, extending to Kankakee (MP 55.9), where the old Big Four line to Indianapolis and Cincinnati used to leave the IC to the southeast (with that line now operated by Kankakee, Beaverville & Southern over part of its length), a 30,655 ft. siding on the east side begins, and the former-Conrail line to Streator crosses at grade.

The line heads north past Bradley and Tucker, the 30,655 ft. siding on the east side ends at Indian Oaks, and the line edges just north of east at Manteno Hospital, passing Manteno, a detector at MP 45.7, the former location of a bridge carrying an erstwhile Milwaukee Road line overhead, and the 10,519 ft. siding on the west side at Peotone. The Chicago urban area is reached at Monee, leaving the countryside behind. Lineside industry changes from grain elevators to manufacturing plants. The single track main becomes triple track (30 mph on the switch, 50 mph on track 1 and 40 mph on tracks 2 and 3 thereafter) at Stuenkel (MP 31.5), and the electrified double-track suburban line appears alongside to the west at its University Park terminal at the same location. The IC main line runs parallel to the Metra Electric the rest of the way into Chicago. Adjacent to that line's Richton station, a connector departs the main line to the northeast, to join the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern line bridging overhead just to the north.