Edgewood to Gilman

The Bluford cutoff rejoins the mainline, trailing in from the south at Edgewood Junction (MP 214.6), where a former B&O line once made a flat crossing. The single track, ABS, speed limit 79-60, line continues northeast past Mason (MP 211.5), and turns north-northeast past a detector at MP 206.1, Watson (MP 206.7), and the 18,734 ft. siding on the east side just south of Effingham, where there are four miles of ABS (MP 203 to 199.8), speed limit 60-40, at which the line from Indianapolis trails in from the east. At Effingham (MP 199.2), there is a nice depot in the northeast corner of the flat crossing (speed limit 40-30 on the crossing) of ICís single line and the former Conrail (ex-PRR) double track line between Terre Haute and St. Louis. The line continues north-northeast, with speed limit 79-60 again, past Sigel (MP 191.2), the 12,207 ft. siding on the west side at Neoga (MP 184.3), where the Eastern Illinois Railroad's former Nickel Plate line departs to the northeast (and the NKP once continued to the west), Aetna (MP 179.3), Magnet, MP 174.7, where a short stretch of ABS starts, with speed limit 60-40, and the 26,212 ft. siding on the east side at Mattoon (MP 172.4), where ICís Decatur branch trails in from the northwest. (Decatur is the site of large grain mills owned by Archer-Daniels-Midland and AC Staley that provide much traffic for the Illinois Central.)

The former Big Four line between Terre Haute and St. Louis once crossed at grade just north of the north end of the siding at Mattoon, north of which the 79-60 speed limit resumes. CTC resumes at MP 169.6, and the line continues north-northeast past Dorans (MP 167.5), a detector at MP 165.4, and the 12,080 ft. siding on the east side at Humboldt (MP 163.6), where it turns just east of due north, past Arcola (MP 157.9), where a former PRR line once crossed at grade, and Galton (MP 154.1). There is a 22,816 ft. siding on the east side at Tuscola (MP 149.8), within which the UP (ex-C&EI) southwest to northeast line and B&O (east-west Decatur Branch) cross the IC at grade (50-30 on the crossing) using a single alignment. The line continues past Hayes (MP 145.6) and Pesotum (MP 141.9) to the 11,155 ft. siding on the east side at Tolono (MP 137.1), north of which a former Wabash double-track line crosses the IC at grade (50-30 on the crossing). There is a detector at MP 135.02, Savoy (MP 132.2), and the passenger station at Champaign (MP 127.8), which is also a large source of traffic for Amtrakís Illinois service due to the presence of the University of Illinois.

Just north of the station is a former flat crossing with a former Wabash line, with a current connector in the southwest quadrant leading to an IC line the the west-southwest, and a flat crossing (30 mph on the crossing, 60-40 surrounding it from MP 127.3 to 125.9) with another former Conrail double track east-west line, with a connector in the northeast quadrant. There is a large yard on the east side at Champaign Yard, and a 15,928 ft. siding on the west side ending at Leverett Junction (MP 124.1), where the speed limit is 79-60. The line continues, between north and north-northeast, past Leverett, Thomasboro, the 14,208 ft. siding on the east side at Rantoul (MP 113.8), where the speed limit is briefly 60 mph and branches head west to Dewy and east to a Cargill grain elevator at Dillsboro, Ludlow, a detector at MP 106.2, the 14,518 ft. siding on the east side at Paxton (MP 102.8), where a former Nickel Plate east-west line once bridged overhead, Loda, Buckley, Delrey (MP 87.6), where a stretch of two main tracks starts (40 mph on the turnout, 60 mph on track 2), and Gilman (MP 81.1), where the line reverts to single track, there is a connector to the St. Louis line departing to the west, the TP&W line to Peoria crosses the IC at grade (50-30 on the crossing), and ICís line from St. Louis trails in from the southwest.