Du Quoin to Edgewood

From St. Johns, MP 285.4), the west side wye junction with the IC St. Louis line once used by Amtrakís River Cities, the line continues north, reduces to single track again, with speed limit 79-60, past Sunfield, Tamaroa (MP 279.8), where the former MP line from Chester to Mount Vernon crosses at grade (speed limit 60-40 on the crossing), the 17,263 ft. siding on the east side at Bois (MP 273.8), where an IN line from Orient Mine #6 trails in from the east, a detector at MP 273.6, Radom, Ashley (MP 266.3), where there is a flat crossing (50-30 on the crossing) with the former L&N St. Louis line (now truncated at Addieville), Richview, Irvington (MP 256.3), where two main tracks, ABS, begin again, Shops Yard (ICís Car Shops) on the west side of the line, Southern Railway Junction, where the former CB&Q line from the Illinois coal field (south-southeast) and former Southern line from Louisville (east-southeast) trail in on the east side and cross at grade (40 mph on the crossing), on a single alignment, to the west side of the line, Centralia (MP 252.4), where a former Missouri-Illinois line once trailed in from the southwest, there is a passenger station (speed limit 35 mph from MP 253 to 250), the former Southern St. Louis line turns west, and the former CB&Q line heads north-northwest, with a yard just north of town.

The former Missouri-Illinois line turns away east at Central City, where the original IC main line continued north and the former Chicago Branch, now the main line, turns northeast, with speed limit 79-50/60. Single track, CTC, begins again, with full line speeds, at Sandoval Junction (MP 247.3), the former B&O Cincinnati to St. Louis line crosses the IC at grade (60-40 on the crossing) at Olin (MP 244.2), there is a 15,959 ft. siding at Tonti (MP 239.0), a detector at MP 238.8, Alma (MP 233.6), a flat crossing (60-40 on the crossing) with the former C&EI north-south line at Kinmundy (MP 228.9), Farina (MP 223.1), and Laclede (MP 218.5). The Bluford cutoff rejoins the mainline, trailing in from the south at Edgewood Junction (MP 214.6), where a former B&O line once made a flat crossing.