Barboursville to St. Albans

 At the crossover, signal bridges and wye at Barboursville (MP 494.7), the Logan subdivision trails in from the southwest and the main line turns east, reducing to two tracks once again, with speed limit 55-50. East of Barboursville, the speed limit rises to 65-50 at MP 494.0 and 79-50 at MP 492.2, the line turns curvily east-northeast, past Ona, Yates, and detectors at MP 489.6, turns south and then east-southeast, with speed limit 60-50, past crossovers at Milton (MP 486.5), where the speed limit reverts to 79-50, northeast, with speed limit 70-50 past Intermediate Signals at MP 481.4,  Culloden, east-northeast, with speed limit 65-50 past crossovers at Hurricane (MP 479.2), east, with speed limit 70-50 past Teays, a dirt road grade crossing, crossovers at Scott (MP 473.8), where the speed limit falls to 60-50, turning south along the west bank of the Kanawha River at Scary, where a spur from the John Amos Power Plant trails in, past a dirt road grade crossing, cuttings and embankments, a dirt road grade crossing, a dirt track grade crossing, detectors at MP 470.2, a road alongside to the east, with the river beyond that, the river moving away, a road bridge overhead, a speed limit rise to 70-50 at MP 469.3, a spur trailing in on the east side, a spur heading away to serve an industry with tank cars on the east side, dual road bridges overhead, a crossover at Dock (MP 467.6), where an extra track on the south side starts as the line turns southeast and then east-southeast, with speed limit 60-50 and then 50 mph at MP 465.8, across the Coal River on a through truss bridge, past two grade crossings, Intermediate Signals (posts), a grade crossing, a bridge over a stream, a street alongside to the north, and the crossover and extra track on the north side at St. Albans (MP 465.1), where the extra track on the south side ends, and there is a wye on the south side, east of the crossover, where the Coal River subdivision departs to the south.