Grand Forks to Fargo

At West Grand Forks (MP 98.0), the freight line to Duluth continues due east, while the passenger line turns south, TWC, ABS, with 10 mph speed limit through the junction and 79-50 thereafter, past Prairie Sub Station (MP 97.0), where there is an extra track, Flaat (MP 96.0), where there is an extra track, Merrifield (MP 93.1), where there is an extra track, a detector at MP 92.5, the 5,618 ft. siding at Thompson (MP 88.2), the 3,971 ft. siding at Reynolds (MP 81.1), a detector at MP 79.0, the 6,460 ft. siding at Buxton (MP 76.1), Cummings (MP 70.1), Taft (MP 65.9), Redco, a spur on the east side at the American Crystal Sugar Hillsboro Plant, the 7,367 ft. siding at Hillsboro (MP 62.3), Alton, a location where a line once headed east to Halstad, Kelso (MP 56.7), where there is an extra track, the 6,462 ft. siding at Grandin (MP 50.6), the 3,500 ft. siding at Gardner (MP 44.4), Argusville, where after slowly edging further east the line achieves south-southeasterly heading, the 6,455 ft. siding at Harwood (MP 31.9), and Chase.

At MP 26.1, the speed limit falls to 50-30, through Dakota Junction (MP 25.9), where the line turns east-southeast as the main freight line from Minot/Surrey trails in from the north-northwest and a connector north from the ex-Northern Pacific main line trails in from the south, and the line becomes ABS (only) to Fargo Yard (MP 24.2), and the passenger station at Fargo (MP 23.4).