Whitehall to Glenville (GV Tower)

From Whitehall (MP 77.9), where the Clarendon & Pittsford (connection to the Vermont Railway) trails in from to the east, the single track, CTC, line heads just west of due south, past a 16,900 ft. west side siding (MP 77.3 to MP 73.9), Comstock, a turn southwest and then almost due south again, Fort Ann, Smiths Basin, where it turns south-southwest, a 9,700 ft. west side siding (MP 58.0 to MP 55.9), Fort Edward (MP 55.5), where the Glens Falls Branch trails in from the north (on the west side), a bridge over the Hudson River, the 12,300 ft. east side Adirondack Running Track heading away (MP 38.2) on the east side, the former crossing of an erstwhile narrow gauge line, a connector to the running track on the east side, where the branch from Corinth trails in on the west side at MP 37.5, Saratoga Springs (MP 37.1), "crossovers" at MP 36.1, and the end of the running track at MP 35.0.

The line turns south, past a 10,600 ft. east side siding (MP 32.9 to MP 30.8), with the Ballston Industrial Track trailing in on the west side at the latter, Curtis Lumber (MP 29.6), Ballston Spa, the Canadian Connector to Mechanicville heading away on the east side at MP 24.34, a turn south-southwest again at Ballston Lake, and Glenville/GV Tower/CPF 480 (MP 21.7), where the line reaches the Freight Main Line from Mechanicville, trailing in on the east side, a Boston & Main line heads away on the west side, and the Freight Main Line continues south-southwest.