Rouses Point to Whitehall

From Rouses Point (MP 190.8), where the CP Rail line from Delson trails in on the west side and there is an end-on junction with the (former) Delaware & Hudson line heading just west of due south, the latter continues, singe track, CTC, past the former location of a flat crossing with the erstwhile Rutland Railroad,  a 5,800 ft. west side siding (MP 190.6 to MP 189.4), Cooperville, Chazy, West Chazy, where the line turns just east of due south, Plattsburgh (MP 175.6), a bridge over a river, and Bluff Point, where a branch from Plumstone once trailed in on the west side, and comes alongside and then runs along the west shore of Lake Champlain.

The lake is very scenic along its whole length, with the wooded foothills of the Adirondacks reaching to the west shore, and the line follows the curves of the west shore, past a 13,350 ft. west side siding (MP 165.2 to MP 162.5), a bridge over a river, Valcour, South Junction (MP 162.9), where the Ausable branch trails in on the west side, Port Kent (MP 154.5), a bridge over the Ausable River as the line cuts off a headland, Douglass, back on the lakeshore, Willsboro Tunnel (MP 144.9), as the line moves away from the lakeshore for quite a distance, turning southeast (but the lake is no further east), Willsboro (MP 142.0), where the line turns south, Essex, where it turns south-southwest, Whallensburg, where it turns south, then south again, a 5,800 ft. west side siding (MP 131.9 to MP 130.6), and Westport (MP 127.8), where it begins a curvy southward stretch back to the lakeshore.

After resuming its generally southward course along the curving lakeshore, the line passes Port Henry (MP 116.7), where a line from Mineville once trailed in on the west side, a turn south-southeast, crossing behind the eponymous promontory to Crown Point, where a line from Hammondville once trailed in, and resuming its southward course along the now much narrower lake to Fort Ticonderoga (MP 101.5), near which a major Revolutionary War battle was fought, bridging across the river serving as the outlet from Lake George, Fort Ticonderoga Tunnel (MP 101.2), a 4,900 ft. siding (MP 100.0 to MP 99.0), Delano Junction, where a branch from Ticonderoga on Lake George trails in from the west, Pells, Putnam, and a bridge over the lake at the southern end.

South of the lake, the line runs through wooded country, mostly of second growth, south-southeast to Whitehall (MP 77.9), where the Clarendon & Pittsford (connection to the Vermont Railway) trails in from to the east, and then just west of due south.

Once in the US, the Adirondack becomes Amtrak Trains 68, etc.