Springfield to Palmer

Amtrakís Springfield line turns northeast onto Conrailís Boston line at the junction at CP-98 (MP 98.6), where there is also a flat crossing with the Boston & Maine line and  speeds are restricted to 20 mph (10 mph from the Amtrak line) into the Springfield passenger station (MP 98.4), which has a couple of platforms with elevators to a pedestrian subway below, connecting to the main depot building on the north side of the tracks. Adjacent factories donít look very active.

 Heading northeast, the double track, CTC, cab signals Boston Line passes crossovers at CP-97 (MP 98.1), where the speed limit rises to 60 mph for passenger trains and 50 mph for freights, the line turns east-northeast, and a former New Haven line turns away east and then south, crossovers at CP-96 (MP 96.1), where the Athol Industrial Track heads away on the north side, Oak Street, where the line curves just north of due east, CP-92 (MP 92.0), where the line reduces to single track, CTC, cab signals, a detector at Wilbraham (MP 91.5), a turn east-northeast ad then east-southeast, descending the hill to the flat crossing with the north-south ex-Central Vermont and Massachusetts Central at CP-83 (MP 83.3), where there is a connector in the northeast quadrant and a 20,572 ft. siding starts, and Palmer (MP 83.2), which has a depot in the southeast corner of the junction of the New England Central (former Central Vermont) and Conrail lines, but is no longer a passenger stop. Adjacent to the line north is a small yard.