Savannah to Jesup

From the Savannah Amtrak station (MP 490.9 on the former ACL route) at Telfair Junction, parallel routes through Savannah (one ex-SAL, on the west side, and one ex-ACL on the east side) separate at MP 491.4 (on the ex-ACL), and an SAL line once curved away on the east side, with the main lines crossing the Georgia Central Railroad on the flat just south of the junction as they separate (Alabama Junction, MP 491.7, on the ex-ACL, and Savannah Yard, MP 500.1, on the ex-SAL).

The double track, CTC, former ACL line heads south-southeast, with speed limit 50 mph, past a wye on the west side with a connector over to the ex-SAL line, a former flat crossing with an erstwhile SAL line, MP 493.5 to MP 493.9, where the speed limit is 40 mph before returning to 50 mph, MP 494.5, where the speed limit drops to 30 mph, a curve south-southwest at Union Junction, where an ACL line once trailed in from the northeast, North Tower (MP 494.8), where the overall speed limit rises to 79 mph for passenger trains, 70 mph for intermodal trains, and 60 mph for freight trains and local restrictions end, and Southover (MP 496.0), where a line from the Marine Terminal trails in from the northeast as the line turns southwest.

Southover Yard is on the west side from Southover to DA (MP 497.3), and the line then passes Grubbs (MP 498.0), where there is a north-facing spur, Forest River (MP 499.3), where the line is single track across the bridge over the eponymous river, MP 500.0, where Yard Limits end and the Forest River Block starts, MP 502.9, where the Forest River Block ends and the Gator Block starts, and Burroughs (MP 503.1 on the ex-ACL), where the former SAL line trails back in on the west side.

The single track, CTC, former SAL line heads south from its MP 499.9, with speed limit 20 mph on the turnout and over the flat crossing at MP 500.1, which has connectors in both the southeast and southwest quadrants, past MP 500.3, where the speed limit rises to 45 mph, a wye on the east side with a connector over to the former ACL line, Savannah Yard along the east side of the line, MP 501.9, where full line speeds of 79/70/60 are reached and the line turns southwest where an SAL line once trailed in from the northeast, Blossom (MP 502.4), where double track starts, crossovers at South Blossom (MP 503.9), MP 504.1, where Yard Limits end and the Anderson Block starts, MP 509.3, where the line returns to single track and the speed limit falls to 45 mph for the junction, and Burroughs (MP 509.6), where the Anderson Block ends before trailing back into the former ACL line at its MP 503.1.

South of Savannah, all trains today use the former ACL line to Jacksonville, heading southwest, on the double track, CTC, 79/70/60 line south of Burroughs, past a short stretch of single track over a river bridge, Ogeechee (MP 506.0), where the Riceboro Branch (the erstwhile SAL main line) heads off on the east side (MP 505.9), the Gator Block ends and the Richmond Hill Block starts, South Ogeechee (MP 510.0), where double track and the Richmond Hill Block end and the Ogeechee Block starts, Daniel, a detector at MP 512.0, Fleming, Lodge (MP 518.0), where double track resumes, the Ogeechee Block ends and the Lodge Block starts, and the passenger speed limit falls to 70 mph on Track 1 (to the west), McIntosh (MP 520.5), MP 522.8, where single track starts again, the Lodge Block ends and the McIntosh Block starts, and full line speeds resume and Allenhurst.

A line from Camp Stewart trails in from the north at Walthourville (MP 528.8), and the main line continues southwest, past a detector at MP 530.0, North Ludowici (MP 533.3), where double track resumes, the McIntosh Block ends and the Ludowici Block starts, Ludowici (MP 537.6), where a Georgia Coast & Piedmont line once crossed on the flat, Back Swamp (MP 540.1), where single track starts again (MP 540.0), the Ludowici Block ends and the Morgan Block starts, MP 543.5 to MP 543.6, where the speed limit is 50 mph, the 4,504 ft. siding at Doctortown (MP 543.7), where double track resumes (MP 543.9), the Morgan Block ends and the Doctortown Block starts, and a spur from a Rayonier plant trails in from the north, MP 547.3, where the speed limit falls to 50 mph through town, and Jesup (MP 548.2), where an NS line bridges overhead, with connectors in the south and west quadrants and the Jesup subdivision to Waycross heads away (straight ahead) on the west side while the main line turns just west of due south.