Jesup to Folkston

From Jesup (MP 548.2), where an NS line bridges overhead, with connectors in the south and west quadrants and the Jesup subdivision to Waycross heads away (straight ahead) on the west side while the double track, CTC, main line turns just west of due south, with overall speed limit 79/70/60 and a local restriction to 50 mph through town, past the road crossing at Orange Street (MP 548.4), where there is a 40 mph speed limit for northward trains, a connector between the two lines trailing in on the west side between MP 548.6 and MP 548.8, where the speed limit is 55 mph on track 2 (to the east) and 30 mph on Track 1 (to the west), MP 549.4, where full line speeds resume, and the end of double track at South Jesup (MP 550.5), where the Doctorstown Block ends and the Shepherd Block starts.

There is a detector at MP 551.1, the 10.785 ft. east side siding (25 mph on the siding) at Broadhurst (MP 558.7), where the Shepherd Block ends (MP 557.6) and the Broadhurst Block starts, McKinnon, O'Neal, the 9,896 ft. west side siding (25 mph on the siding) at Hortense (MP 566.2), where the Broadhurst Block ends (MP 565.2) and the Hortense Block starts, and an ACL line once crossed on the flat, Trudie, a detector at Raybon (MP 572.0), Nahunta, where the Brunswick subdivision crosses on the flat (MP 576.6), with a connector in the northeast quadrant there is a 10,965 ft. west side siding (25 mph on the siding), the Hortense Block ends (north end of the siding, MP 576.8) and the Nahunta Block starts, Hickox, the 9,568 ft. east side siding (25 mph on the siding) at Winokur (MP 588.7), where the Nahunta Block ends (MP 597.6), the Winokur Block starts, and  there is a wye with a line on the east side, a detector at Newell (MP 592.0), where the line turns due south, Burch (MP 598.3), where double track resumes, the Winokur Block ends and the Burch Block starts, and Folkston (MP 602.5), where the Jesup subdivision trails in from the northwest, there are crossovers (MP 602.2), the Burch Block ends and the Folkston Block starts, and the speed limit is 50 mph through town (MP 602.5 to MP 602.7).