Folkston to Callahan

From Folkston (MP 602.5), where the Jesup subdivision trails in from the northwest, there are crossovers (MP 602.2), the Burch Block ends and the Folkston Block starts, and the speed limit is 50 mph through town (MP 602.5 to MP 602.7), the double track, CTC, main line, with overall speed limit 79/70/60, crosses the St. Mary's River into Florida and turns south-southeast, past crossovers at Boulogne (MP 608.3), where the Folkston Block ends and the Hilliard Block starts, detectors at MP 610.6, Hilliard, crossovers at South Hilliard (MP 617.2), where the Hilliard Block ends and the Callahan Block starts, Dyal, and Callahan (MP 624.3), where an erstwhile SAL line once trailed in from the northeast, the Callahan subdivision to Baldwin heads away on the southwest (MP 624.2), with 20 mph speed limit on the turnout to that line, and the main line continues south-southeast.