Callahan to Grand Junction (Jacksonville)

From Callahan (MP 624.3), where an erstwhile SAL line once trailed in from the northeast, the Callahan subdivision to Baldwin heads away on the southwest (MP 624.2), with 20 mph speed limit on the turnout to that line, the main line continues south-southeast, past crossovers at South Callahan (MP 624.5), where the Callahan Block ends and the Dinsmore Block starts and the speed limit is 65 mph past the crossovers, detectors at Ratliff (MP 628.5), Cary, Dinsmore, Dinsmore Connection (MP 635.0), where the Dinsmore Block ends and Yard Limits start and there is a wye on the west side with the line southwest to Duval Connection, Picket, MP 638.7, where the overall speed limit drops to 40 mph and the line turns southeast, the Jacksonville Amtrak Station (MP 639.4), where there is a road overbridge at the north end of the platform and a prefabricated depot on the east side of the line, and a wye on the east side, with a line to the docks, and a connector from Carnegie trailing in on the west side at Grand Junction.