Newport to Saint Croix Junction

From the crossovers at Newport (MP CP 402.5/BNSF 422.1), the CP and BNSF lines separate, although remaining joint trackage (2MT, CTC, speed limit 79-60-50), with the CP line used for southbound (eastbound) trains turning away south-southeast, and passing through Cottage grove and Langdon, while the BNSF line used for northbound (westbound) trains continues south along the east bank of the river, past St. Paul Park, Pullman Avenue and Curry, and then east before turning south-southeast where it rejoins the CP track, past Lock & Dam #2 on the river, to St. Croix Junction (MP CP 392.1/BNSF 410.5), where the joint trackage ends, the BNSF turns away to the east, and the CP turns south.