Hoffman Avenue to Newport

At the junction at Hoffman Avenue (MP CP 408.9/BNSF 429.1), the CP and BNSF tracks form a joint track, 2MT, CTC, speed limit 70-50, to continue southeastward, past BNSF’s Dayton’s Bluff Yard (MP CP 407.9/BNSF 428.3), south-southeastward past CP’s Pig’s Eye Yard (MP  CP 407.4/BNSF 427.5), where the speed limit rises to 79 mph for passenger trains, 60 mph for intermodals, and 50 mph for other freights, and crossovers at Oakland (MP CP 406.5/BNSF 426.7), and just east of south, still following the river, past Dunn (MP 405.1) and Red Rock (MP 403.1), with a detector at BNSF MP 424.4, to crossovers at Newport (MP CP 402.5/BNSF 422.1).