Coon Creek to University

From Coon Creek (MP 21.1), the 2MT, CTC, line heads south-southeast, with speed limit 79-50, and then south, past two sets of crossovers at Interstate (MP 15.5), where there is a 35 mph speed limit from the end of Two Main Tracks at the north end of the ex-NP Northtown Yard., after which the speed limit is 60-45 to Northtown (MP 13.9). The number of classifications tracks at the Northtown hump yard is 48, down from 64 in earlier years. BNSF does not include Northtown as one of its primary remaining hump yards, those being Pasco, Galesburg, Kansas .City (Argentine)., Barstow, CA and maybe Tulsa. The south end of the yard is at East 35th Avenue (MP 12.4), where the line turns east-southeast and Two Main Tracks, CTC, begin again. At University Avenue (MP 11.7), the former NP tracks turns southeast while the former GN track continues south-southeast.