Barstow to Daggett

At the west end of Barstow, the two tracks coming from the upper level of Valley Junction continue around to the east, along the north side of the Barstow Yard. Halfway along that yard, there are signals on a signal bridge (West D Yard) that controls the connection trailing in from the diesel shop, and the split of the main tracks into three bypass tracks on the north side, and three tracks that pass through the on-line fuel rack between the bypass tracks and the yard, with a small fence separating the bypass tracks from those at the fuel rack. There is another signal bridge (East D Yard) at the east end of the fuel rack, as its tracks merge into others, and then some individual signals at the east end of the yard itself. The parallel tracks (some six or eight at this point) then pass under the through truss bridges carrying First Street over the top, where the northernmost pair of tracks enters the platforms at Barstow passenger station, with its Casa del Desierto Harvey House and depot on the north side of the line, while the remainder of the tracks pass between the passenger platforms and the old yard, or enter that old yard itself, on the south side of the line.

East of the passenger station, the Barstow station sign (MP 0.0/745.9) is on the north side of the tracks at the signals that control the east end of the old yard and passenger station tracks. The line is three main tracks, CTC-controlled by the Mojave dispatcher (in San Bernardino) as far as Minneola, although forming part of the Needles Subdivision. East of the Barstow station sign, the line turns southeast through a deep cut, and passes under the concrete bridge carrying Yucca Avenue. Riverside Drive now comes alongside to the southeast. The line crosses over I-15 on a through girder bridge and curves back to the east-southeast along the north side of I-40 with the Mojave River on the north side of the tracks, where there are signals and crossovers at East Barstow (MP 743.6), where the three tacks had reduced to two until the first quarter of 2006. The line passes along the north side of the USMC Logistics Base to which there is a spur and sidings on the south side at the signals at Nebo (MP 741.6).

East of the base, Old Route 66 (National Trails Highway) comes alongside to the south. There is a private road crossing just before the road comes alongside, and a bridge over a flood channel at MP 739.7. Signals, including a signal bridge, governing the west end of a siding on the north side of the tracks, and other crossovers between the main tracks, are at West Daggett, MP 739.6. There is a grade crossing at Daggett-Yermo Road (MP 737.82). Daggett itself (MP 737.3), is the junction where the UP (Salt Lake Route) line to Yermo and beyond departs to the northeast, and the number of main tracks reduces from three to two (as of the first quarter of 2006, when the third track was completed), and has signals both to the west and east of the junction, the former being on a signal bridge.

Daggett to Minneola

The two main BNSF tracks continue in an east-southeast direction, over a bridge across a wash just east of the UP junction (but still west of the BNSF east-facing signals) and past those east-facing signals. There are intermediate signals at Cool Water (MP 735.1/2/3/4) and Gale (MP 732.1/2/3/4), a grade crossing at Hidden Springs Road (after which the Barstow/Yermo airport is alongside to the north), crossovers at Minneola with signal sets to the east and west and the station sign at Minneola (MP 731.2) in between, and a grade crossing at Minneola Road.

Daggett to Yermo (UP)

The UP line curves away northeastward from its junction with the BNSF line at Daggett (MP 158.9, CP 159 on the UP Los Angeles subdivision, which extends to Yermo as two main tracks, CTC-controlled from San Bernardino), crossing over Santa Fe Avenue, Daggett, at grade as it does so. There is a wye into the solar power facilities to the east of the line. The line crosses over the Mojave River and comes alongside the Yermo Annex of the USMC Logistics Base on the west side of the line. West Yermo (MP 160.5, CP 161) has a junction with a wye into the Marine Corps Base to the west. The line curves from northeasterly to east-northeasterly into the west end of the Yermo Yard (MP 162.0).

Near the east end of the yard, the community of Yermo appears on the north side, east of the USMC base. There is a grade crossing at Second Street in Yermo, MP 163.4, just east of the east end of the yard and a little way west of the control point at East Yermo (MP 163.8, CP 164). The UPLA Dispatcher’s control continues past the crossovers (and grade crossing) at Minneola Road (MP 166.4, CP 166) to the end of two main tracks at Toomey (MP 168.7, CP 168), in spite of those places being officially on the Cima Subdivision.