Montreal to Cannon

Montreal Central Station (MP 0.2) is located at the east end of the Mount Royal Tunnel, towards the south end of the center of Montreal, with the platforms oriented west-northwest to east-southeast, the west end being below street level and the east end on viaduct above the surrounding streets. The station's circulating area, at street level, is oriented at right angles to the platforms below. Passing below De La Gauchetiere Street, the platforms heading east bridge over Rue St. Antoine, and Rue St. Jacques, and the six tracks continuing through the station throat bridge over Rue Notre Dame, St-Maurice Street, St-Paul Street, William Street and Ottawa Street, before tracks and viaduct make a gradual curve to the south past the crossovers at Wellington (MP 1.1), where there is a tower and the six tracks reduce to two, bridging over Rue Wellington  and Ann Street on the curve, then bridging over the Canal Lachine and Rue Bridge before reaching the large wye at Cape (MP 1.2),  where the Victoria Bridge line turns east-northeast and the two track Dorval line turns southwest.

From Cape (MP 73.1), the double track St-Hyacinthe sub., heading east-northeast passes Rue Bridge (MP 72.4), where there is a wye on the south side with a line heading south and the eponymous street comes alongside to the north and takes the upper deck for the passage over the through truss and cantilever Victoria Bridge passing over Autoroute 10 and the St. Lawrence River, the south tip of Ile Notre Dame and the locks of the St. Lawrence Seaway, and then over Autoroute 20 on the south bank, Rue Riverside, and the intersection of St. Denis and Victoria Avenues, and descends to ground level to cross Rue St. Georges at grade, and pass a spur on the north side at St. Lambert (MP 70.3), where CTC starts.

Route 134 bridges overhead, as the line turns east, past a yard on the north side of the line, to crossovers at Cannon (MP 68.1), where there are 10,650 ft. south and 11,750 ft. north sidings, and the Rouses Point sub. turns away southeast while the St-Hyacinthe sub. continues east.  

The Adirondack leaves from Central Station as VIA Train 694 and heads east across the Victoria Bridge and then south towards the US border.