Cannon to Cantic and Rouses Point

The single track, CTC, Rouses Point sub.  leaves Cannon (MP 42.7) heading southeast and passes beneath the Route 112/116 bridge, with a housing area to the west, crosses Soucy Street at grade, and passes a detector at MP 40.8, Castle Gardens (MP 39.9), where the Granby Spur continues southeast and the main line turns southwest, past the Autoroute 10 bridge, and Brossard (MP 35.3), where there is a 5,680 ft. siding, CTC ends and OCS starts, the Massena Spur continues southwest, and the main line turns just south of southeast, past a crossing with Route 104, and then just east of southeast, past the 5,780 ft. siding at Lacadie (MP 27.8), a detector at MP 24.6, the flat crossing and connection with the east-west CP Adirondack sub, (MP 23.1), the 5,320 ft. siding at St. Jean (MP 22.2), where there is a yard and the line turns just west of due south, the yard at Cantic (MP 5.3), where there is a junction with the Swanton sub. heading southeast into Vermont, the Lacolle Spur (MP 4.9) trailing in on the west side, the Canada-US Border, and Rouses Point (MP 0.0), where the CP Rail line from Delson trails in on the west side and there is an end-on junction with the (former) Delaware & Hudson line heading southwest.