Frankford Junction to Trenton

At Frankford Junction (MP 81.8), a connection to the Point Richmond Yard turns southwest, the connection to the NJT Atlantic City Line turns southeast, and the NEC turns northeast, four tracks wide with speed limits 90-25 on the inner tracks and 70-30/25 on the outer tracks, past a connection from the Port Richmond Yard line (that passes beneath the Atlantic City line) trailing in from the southwest, the Frankford Junction Yard on the southeast side of the line, Frankford (MP 80.9), at the end of the yard, where freight speeds rise to 50/45, the passenger stations at Bridesburg (MP 80.1), at Wissinoming (MP 79.3), and at Tacony (MP 78.2), multiple crossovers at Holmes (MP 77.2), where a PRR branch to Bustleton once turned north and speed limits rise to 100-50 on three of the tracks and 110-50 on the fourth, a passenger station at Holmesburg Junction (MP 77.2), MP 76.0, where passenger speeds on the inner tracks rise to 125/110, passenger stations at Torresdale (MP 74.6) at Abdalusia (MP 73.7), at Cornwells Heights (MP 72.5), at Eddington (MP 71.3) and at Croydon (MP 69.6), CP Croy (MP 68.3), a passenger station at Bristol (MP 66.5), crossovers at Grundy (MP 65.3), where one of the 125s drops to 120, an additional running track numbered 0 begins and the line turns north-northeast, Edgely, a passenger station at Levittown-Tullytown (MP 63.3), MP 62, where the 120 drops to 110 and the freight speed drops to 40 mph, Warner, the former Conrail (now NS) Morrisville freight line from its connection on the "Main Line" on the west side of the city, trails in from the west, as does a former Reading line, on a flyover bridge leading to the middle tracks, and a line departs southeastward to Fairless Steel on the Delaware River, and multiple crossovers at Morris (MP 58.3), where speeds drop to 80-35/30 on the outer tracks and 110-30 on the inner tracks. The NEC continues northeast past Morrisville and across the Delaware River into New Jersey, where it passes below the former Conrail Bordentown Secondary Track into Trenton passenger station (MP 56.7), where SEPTA service ends.