Parkdale to Bayview

The tracks separate at Parkdale (MP 2.3), where the CP Galt Subdivision used by trains to Sarnia via Guelph (including Amtrak's erstwhile International) turns away to the north, while the CN Oakville Subdivision continues northwest, four track, CTC, along the north shore of Lake Ontario, past crossovers at Dufferin (MP 2.5), turning west at the crossovers at Mimico East (MP 6.2), where the four tracks reduce to three, past the crossovers at Mimico (MP 6.7), the crossovers at Canpa, where a CP line heads north, Long Branch (MP 9.6), where line and lake shore turn west-southwest, Port Credit East (MP 11.5), crossovers at Port Credit (MP 12.8), where the three tracks reduce to two, detectors at MP 14.0, Clarkson (MP 16.7), and crossovers at Park Royal (MP 17.6), at 9th Line (MP 18.3), and at Oakville Yard (MP 20.6), where the number of tracks increases to three to Oakville (MP 21.4, island plus two side platforms), where it reduces to two again.

There are crossovers at Kerr Street (MP 22.1), where the number of tracks again increases to three, and the line continues west-southwest past Oakville West (MP 24.7, two islands), crossovers at Bronte (MP 27.1), Appleby (MP 27.9, two islands), a signal bridge at Burlington East (MP 30.5), where the line turns west, Burlington (MP 31.5, two islands, four tracks), crossovers and signal bridges at Burlington West (MP 32.0), where the number of tracks reduces to two again, MP 32.2, where the two-track CN Halton subdivision trails in from the east-northeast, a bridge over a road, dual road bridges overhead, detectors at MP 33.0, and crossovers and signal bridges at Aldershot East (MP 33.3), with a grade crossing in between the crossovers, yard tracks on the north side, Aldershot (MP 34.6, two sides on lakeside pair of four total tracks), a road bridge overhead, and crossovers and signal bridges at Aldershot West (MP 35.2), plus two road bridges overhead, before the crossovers and junction with the Dundas subdivision west to London, ON, at Bayview (MP 36.9), where the line to Hamilton and Niagara Falls turns south.