Harold to New Rochelle

There are additional crossovers at Harold (MP 3.7), where the LIRR tracks leave on the southeast side and the Amtrak tracks turn north, double track, CTC, with overhead electrification and speed limit 60 mph for passenger trains and 40 mph for freights, past the bridge over the turnaround loop from the east side of the tracks into Sunnyside yard on the west side, LIRR Division Post (MP 4.5), where the LIRR tracks turn away southeast, Gate (MP 5.1), where the line is heading just west of due north and the LIRR freight branch from the cross-harbor float terminal at Bay Ridge Yard, Brooklyn, trails in from the southeast (i.e., on the east side), and Sunnyside Junction (MP 5.4), where there are crossovers and the line is heading northwest, then over Hell Gate Bridge onto a small island in the East River, turning northeast (passenger speed 50 mph on the curve) and bridging across the Harlem River onto the mainland again.

On the mainland, the line bridges over (still on the river bridge) the former location of the New Haven connecting tracks to the erstwhile Harlem River Yard, then passes a location where a connecting track once trailed in on the west side. Another connecting track once bridged overhead just before the line reaches the former New Haven Oak Point Yard, where a former NYC track from Melrose Avenue trails in on the west side, and the line turns north-northeast (passenger speed 40 mph on the curve), past MP 10, where the speed limit rises to 70/40 a location where the New Haven Hunts Point Yard once trailed in, bridging over an inlet and turning curvily northeast (with passenger speeds variously 60 and 65 mph on the curves) past the former location of the erstwhile New Haven Van Nest Shops, Baychester, where the line turns north-northeast, a curve with speed limit 45/30 on the curve, a bridge at Pelham Bay (MP 15.5) over a much larger inlet, where the overall speed limit rises to 100/40, a curve with speed limit 45/30 on the curve, three underbridges with passenger speed limit 80 mph, a turn to the north, a curve at MP 18 (passenger speed limit 70mph on the curve), detectors at MP 18.4, the Metro-North Division Post (MP 18.8), where the line passes from Amtrak to Metro-North ownership, and CP 216 (MP 18.9), formerly Shell Tower, in New Rochelle, where the double track line trails into the south side of the original New Haven four track route from Grand Central, heading northeast, with speed limit 15/10 on any turnout movements.