Devon to New Haven

From the wye junction at Devon (MP 60.7), 60 mph passenger speed on the junction, where the Waterbury Branch turns away north, the main line continues east-northeast four tracks, dropping to three at MP 61.1, east apex of the wye, overhead electrification, with overall speed limit 75 mph for passenger trains and 40 mph for freight trains, past the passenger station at Milford (MP 63.3), where the passenger speed limit is 60 mph, turning northeast at crossovers at CP 266 (MP 66.3), where the passenger speed limit is 70 mph, past Woodrow, West Haven, where a freight line once trailed in from the west, MP 71.8, where the speed limit falls to 15 mph for passenger trains and 10 mph for freight trains, the multi-island platform passenger station at New Haven (MP 72.3), where passenger trains headed for the Springfield line switch from electric to diesel haulage (and those for Boston did until 2000), with both Amtrak and Metro-North shops on the southeast side of the line, MP 72.5, where the speed limit for passenger trains also falls to 10 mph, crossovers at Fair Street (MP 72.7), the Division Post (MP 72.8), where Metro-North ownership ends and Amtrak ownership starts, and the junction at Mill River (MP 73.6), where the double track, CTC, Springfield line continues northeast and the double track, CTC, overhead electrified Boston line turns sharply south.