East Bridge Junction to Orleans Junction (New Orleans)

Leaving New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal, and passing both Southport Junction and East Bridge Junction (MP 906.4), where the line south across the Huey P Long Bridge departs to the southwest, the Two Main Tracks, CTC,  Illinois Central route, with speed limit 60-40, runs first westward through the New Orleans suburbs, passing the New Orleans airport, Mays Yard (MP 904.4), where the speed limit is briefly 40-25, on the south side of the line, where a line heads south to Elmwood Industrial Park, Kenner and the former location of Kenner Junction (MP 902.3), where a track once continued due west, and then turns northwest, with speed limit 25 mph, to Orleans Junction (MP 900.8), where a KCS line heads west-southwest and provides access to the south end of the IC line running along the east bank of the Mississippi to Remy, where there is a large grain transshipment facility for loading ships for export, and Geismar yard, focal point for chemical plant switching operations.