Dallas-Fort Worth

Transverse Lines

Cotton Belt (Fort Worth & Western)

Fort Worth (Tower 60) to Carrollton

Rock Island (TRE)

T&P Station to Transportation Center

Fort Worth (Transportation Center) to Dallas

Texas & Pacific

Fort Worth (Tower 55) to Dallas


Dallas Radial Lines


Cotton Belt

Houston & Texas Central (now DART)

MKT (now DART)

Santa Fe/Kansas City Southern

Texas & Pacific

DFW Junction to Ennis Junction

Ennis Junction to KCS Junction

KCS Junction to Big Sandy

Texas & New Orleans

Houston & Texas Central


Santa Fe (now DART)


Fort Worth Radial Lines

Houston & Texas Central

International Great Northern


Santa Fe (South)

Fort Worth to Temple

Fort Worth & Rio Grande

Texas & Pacific

Fort Worth & Denver

Tower 55 to Saginaw

Saginaw to Quanah

Santa Fe (North)

Forth Worth to Saginaw

Saginaw to Metro Junction


Orbital Lines