Winton Place to Hamilton

At Winton Place (MP 6.7), the late-1960s single-track connector to the former Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton line on the northwest side of the Mill Creek departs to the northeast, leaving the ex-New York Central line to Sharonville and the north and the ex-B&O main line to the east, bridging over I-75 and then the Mill Creek on through girder bridges, joining the double-track route of the former CH&D at Spring Grove Avenue (MP 7.0)—that line has been abandoned between here and CT Junction—where a connector to NA Tower (Ivorydale Junction) departs to the east, and heads northeast, with speed limit 35 mph,  past Proctor & Gamble’s offices and manufacturing facilities on the west side of the line at Ivorydale (MP 8.0), where a line turns east to go to Bond Hill on the former B&O Main Line, and there is a yard on the southeast side of the line.

The line runs up the Mill Creek Valley, past Elmwood Place (MP 8.5), Carthage (MP 9.2), Hartwell (MP 10.8), where it starts to curve north with yard tracks on the east side at Maplewood (MP 11.2), Wyoming (MP 12.0), where it turns north-northeast, Glendale (MP 15.0), after which it turns north-northwest, Cementdale (MP 17.3), where there are spurs on both sides of the line and the speed limit rises to 50 mph, Muhlhauser, Stockton (MP 19.2), where it is heading northwest, Wayne (MP 21.9), where the speed limit has fallen to 45 mph, and Lindenwald (MP 23.6), where it turns north and the speed limit drops to 20 mph, to Hamilton (MP 25.4), where the passenger depot is on the west side of the line, the ex-B&O line from Indianapolis heads northwest across the Great Miami River, and the ex-B&O line to  Toledo, heads north.