Harvey to Richton

The double track, CTC, speed limit 65-50, main line bridges over the ex-GTW and ex-B&OCT lines at Harvey (MP 20.0 on the main line), with a connecting line in the east quadrant, following which ICís large Markham Yard, the principal freight location for the Chicago area, lies along the east side of the line. (There is another at Glenwood on a different IC line in the Chicago area.) ICís locomotive shops and servicing facilities are also at Markham Yard. The yard ends on the east side of Metra's Homewood station (MP 23.5 on the main line), where three main tracks begin (10 mph through the turnouts, 50 mph on track 1 and 40 mph on tracks 2 and 3 thereafter), there are four more stations on that line, and then the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern line bridges overhead. Adjacent to the Metra Electric line's Richton station, a connector departs the main line to the northeast, to join the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern line bridging overhead just to the north.