South Junction to Back Bay

From South Junction/Tower 1 (MP 228.5/0.0), four tracks continue south-southwest, bridging over the Fort Point Channel, while five tracks curve west, CETC, overhead electrification, with speed limit 15 mph for passenger trains and 10 mph for freights, past Cove (MP 228.0/1.1), west end of the wye at South Junction, where the two former Conrail Boston Line tracks (no electrification) separate from the three electrified Amtrak Main Line tracks, all with speed limit 30 mph) as both head just north of due west, and the passenger station with platforms on all tracks at Back Bay (MP 227.6/1.2), west of which the Amtrak line swings south-southwest while the former Conrail line continues just south of due west.