Framingham to Worcester

From the junction at CP-21 (MP 21.3), where the Framingham Secondary from Mansfield trails in from the southeast and continues northwest, across the line, to East Fitchburg, an MBTA passenger station at Framingham (MP 21.4), and the junction at CP-22 (MP 21.7), where there is a yard, the Holliston Industrial Track  heads south and the main line heads west-southwest and then southwest, double track, CTC, speed limit 40 mph, past MP 22.0, where the passenger speed limit rises to 50 mph, MP 22.5, where the passenger speed limit rises to 60 mph, detectors at MP 24.9, Ashland, where the line turns just north of due west, then just south of due west, and then west, Westboro (MP 29.2), where it turns southwest, CP-33 (MP 33.3, where the line reduces to single track, and the CTC is supplemented by cab signals, and a passenger speed restriction of 55 mph between MP 36.0 and MP 36.8, as the line turns west-southwest, reverting to 60 mph thereafter.

There is a detector at MP 37.4, North Grafton (MP 37.6), where the stub of the Grafton & Upton Railroad heads south (and used to extend quite a bit further), MP 39.5, where the passenger speed limit drops to 50 mph, Milbury Junction, where a line once left to the southwest and the main line turns sharply north, MP 42.2, where the passenger speed limit drops to 40 mph and the line starts a big counter-clockwise curve to the south-southwest, the east end of a 26,300 ft. Controlled Siding at CP-43 (MP 43.3), MP 44.0, where the speed limit drops to 25 mph through Worcester and the Providence & Worcester Gardner Branch crosses on the flat, the junction with the line north to Ayer, trailing in at CP-44 (MP 44.1), the passenger station (depot on the north side of the line) at Worcester (MP 44.3), and a junction with the Providence & Worcester line heading away south at CP-45 (MP 44.3).