Forest Hills to Readville

From the MBTA passenger station with platforms on all tracks at Forest Hills  (MP 223.7), and the junction at Forest (MP 223.5), where freight speed revert to 45 mph, the Needham Branch turns away southwest and the Main Line turns south, CETC, overhead electrification, with speed limit 100 mph for passenger trains and 45 mph for freights, past the MBTA passenger station at Hyde Park (MP 220.3), the junction at Read (MP 219.6), where the Franklin Branch heads away west and the freight speed limit drops to 20 mph, the MBTA passenger station at Readville (MP 219.2), and the junction and crossovers at Transfer (MP 218.5), where the Dorchester Branch trails in on the east side, the number of tracks drops to two, and the speed limits become 95/50 on Track 1 and 100/50 on Track 2.