Trains 50 & 51, The Cardinal


Chicago Union Station to 21st Street and Halsted Street

21st Street to 76th Street +

81st Street to Dolton Junction

Dolton Junction to Thornton Junction

Thornton Junction to Maynard

Maynard to Dyer & St. Johns

Dyer to Monon

Monon to Lafayette

Lafayette to Ames

Ames to Indianapolis (CP IJ)

Downtown Indianapolis

Indianapolis to Hamilton

Winton Place to Hamilton

CT Junction to Winton Place

Cincinnati Union Terminal

CT Junction to KC Junction (Greater Cincinnati)

KC Junction to Melbourne

Melbourne to NJ Cabin

NJ Cabin to Big Sandy Junction

Big Sandy Junction to Barboursville

Barboursville to St. Albans

St. Albans to Clifton Forge

Clifton Forge to Gordonsville

Gordonsville to Orange

Orange to Manassas Junction

Manassas Junction to AF Tower

AF Tower to Virginia Avenue Junction

Washington Union Terminal (Virginia Avenue Junction to New York Avenue)

New York Avenue to Landover

Landover to Baltimore

Baltimore to Perryville

Perryville to Newark, DE

Newark, DE to Arsenal (Philadelphia)

Zoo Interlocking to Arsenal (Philadelphia)

Zoo Interlocking to North Philadelphia

North Philadelphia to Frankford Junction

Frankford Junction to Trenton

Rahway to Trenton

Hunter to Rahway

Kearney Connection to Hunter

Penn Station (New York City) to Kearney Connection

Penn Station (New York City)